Once you log into your account do the following:
  1. Click ACCOUNT
  2. Find ADD WORKS
  3. ...and off you go!
You can also go directly to adding Works by selecting SUBMIT MUSIC in the navigation menu. You can upload your files directly, or copy/paste a link to where we can download the file (i.e. Dropbox, Soundcloud, or other link from which we can download the file).

IMPORTANT: We only accept uncompresses audio files (WAV or AIFF)


When your account was created, you should have received an email with your username and password. Check your spam/junk folder if you didn't see it.
Once you get that, visit musicli.org and login.
Once logged in, click on ACCOUNT, and it's there where you can "ADD WORKS"
This is what that page looks like:
When you click "Add Work" it takes you here where you can upload your music and start adding data to each song. 


Uploading is only part of the work submission process. When you select a file to upload, in some cases you may need to de-select, then re-select the file in the uploader window in order to activate the blue "INSERT FILE URL" button. (see screen shot below).

Once the file is selected and the blue "INSERT FILE URL" button is activated, click it. The file URL is then inserted into that field and you can continue completing the work submission form, with other required information such as work title, lyrics, description, tags, and so on.