We have our base rates set to as close to "industry standard" as we could come up with, and they are as follows:

You are free to adjust those to your liking. No other licensing platform allows musicians to have this control, and that's one of the things that makes MUSICLi unique. These base rates get adjusted by variables the buyer chooses and will bump the prices up or down depending on what variables they select (such as # of projected views of a web video, or number of markets where a TV commercial will air).

Here's a step-by-step guide for musicians using MUSICLi:

YOU control the price:

You created your account, and you've uploaded some of your musical works. Right? If you've gotten that far, you've noticed the Licensing & Download Rates section when you ingest a musical work. This is the coolest part of MUSICLi. The part that no other licensing service offers; where you can set and change the price of your licenses for each musical work you add. I wanted to email all of you to make sure you can see how you control these prices. 


Here's how to do it:





2. Click ACCOUNT




3. Click VIEW




4. Click LICENSE




5. Select a USE TYPE


Each type of use has it's own set of variables which are applied to the calculation to set a price. Scroll to the bottom to see the price that gets spit out. Spend some time messing with this to see how the price changes based on the variables you select. The MUSICLi base rates are used to make this magical calculation, and it's those base rates that YOU can change.