Sometimes after you think you've uploaded a song, you come back to it and discover the URL is empty, and your work has no music attached to it. You go to the library, and see the song there so you know it uploaded... what the heck!?!

In some browsers after the file uploads, you have to click a couple times on the uploaded-object to get it to register, even though the file's fully saved. Sometimes in other browsers we've observed this when you navigate away from the upload page during the upload. It seems more likely to occur when you click "Select Files" and add them via a file-requester, than when you drag/drop them onto the upload pane. When it happens it looks like this:

In all cases the solution is the same:
1. click the blue-boxed and check-marked file twice. Once to de-set, then again to re-set.
2. Then click "Insert File URL" again to close the dialog and add your file.

If everything went ok there will be a URL in your Add Work editor. Before you click it should look like this:

That behavior isn't ideal, but not unexpected or entirely in our control. Sorry for any inconvenience.